nothing rests; everything moves;

Everything vibrates

about vibralibre

United by a passion for music that runs through their veins, cousins Simon and Riccardo embarked on a journey in late 2016. Both sharing a love and admiration for the handpan for many years, they decided to put the time and effort in to learn the art of making them.

As Riccardo’s traveling commitments take him from the Canary Islands to Europe throughout the year, it was decided that Simon took on the day-to-day learning and set up the workshop at his home in the UK. However, Riccardo’s unwavering commitment, collaboration and sharing of ideas helps Simon continue the learning and whilst there have been many ups and down, the results have become more consistent.

It’s a long road still, but the goal remains the same, and that is to create beautiful unique instruments for others to express themselves through. A combination of perfectly balanced notes that vibrate freely…


latest instrument

It takes a great deal of time and patience to build these unique, amazing instruments and throughout the process I feel that part of me is ingrained into each of them. It gives me an immense amount of pleasure to finish each one and then set it free to vibrate freely around the world.

Here’s the most recent handpan that I’ve finished, and rest assured it won’t be the last!  To view previous instruments then please click on the button below 🙂

get in touch

If you have any questions; or you’re interested in learning more; or you would like to register your interest in acquiring a Vibralibre Handpan, then please feel free to complete the form below and I’ll respond to you as soon I don’t have a hammer in my hand!

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